Skill Enhancement and Therapy for the Therapist

Skill Enhancement programs for Therapists are tailored specifically to those professionals seeking skill enhancement and renewal. Set amidst the serene environments of our centers in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and Sedona, Arizona, these programs provide an oasis of learning and rejuvenation.

Skill Enhancement Seminar
Seminar Includes

The Skill Enhancement Seminar is offered on-site in our Malvern, Pennsylvania and Sedona, Arizona Treatment Centers. The Skill Enhancement Seminar allows anyone who has taken at least Myofascial Release I to work alongside our highly trained and skilled Myofascial Release staff as we treat patients and therapists from around the world. We accept up to four therapists per week in this program to maximize our ability to provide individual attention.

Therapists who attend the Skill Enhancement Seminar can incorporate the knowledge and skills learned at our off-site educational seminars in a clinical setting that specializes in Myofascial Release. The value of individual private instruction regarding Myofascial Release techniques with actual patients, as well as receiving private treatment serves to be a comprehensive and an invaluable instructional experience. Immediate personal feedback will be offered by our staff in terms of skill level and ability of the participating Skill Enhancement Seminar therapist. Questions will be addressed in a timely and productive fashion throughout this week long seminar.

Enrollment in the Skill Enhancement Clinic Seminar is limited since we only accept four therapists per week at either of our Treatment Centers. Thus, booking in advance is recommended.

  • Learn how a successful Myofascial Release Treatment Center operates in terms of patient flow, variety, and frequency of treatments.

  • Examine how a patient’s progress is influenced by varying frequency of treatments.

  • Observe the unique styles of our therapists and instill confidence and cultivate ones own distinct therapeutic abilities.

Prerequisite: Myofascial Release I.

Therapy for the Therapist

The Therapy for the Therapist Program is offered on-site in our Malvern, Pennsylvania and Sedona, Arizona Treatment Centers and is designed specifically to meet the needs of therapists who are experiencing pain, tightness, feeling burned out, and in need of rejuvenation.

Sessions are multiple times per day for a total of 15 hours per week. Concentrated treatment with our team of highly skilled therapists’ acts as a catalyst in promoting efficient and deep healing, and release of bracing patterns that perpetuate pain. Home self treatment instruction is included. Therapists who participate in the Therapy for the Therapist Program will experience quantum leaps in health, inner calmness, concentration, therapeutic intuition, and proprioceptive awareness. Overall, enhancement of well-being will be achieved ultimately resulting in powerful and enhanced treatment care for patients.

John F. Barnes Treatment and Training Centers

John’s facility is also a well-regarded teaching center, so patients also have the option of having multiple therapists treating them simultaneously at no additional charge. Specialties include a wide variety of complex chronic pain and dysfunction, neurological issues, and Women’s Health Issues. Infants, children, adults and seniors respond well to Myofascial Release! Myofascial Release has exploded on the therapeutic scene with an impact and degree of acceptance unprecedented in the history of healthcare.

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