Myofascial Release FAQs

Welcome to our FAQ page on the John Barnes, PT Myofascial Release Technique, where you’ll find answers to common questions about therapy, benefits, and finding the right therapist.

Searching for a Myofascial Release Therapist Near You?

How do I search for an MFR therapist?

Click on “Find a Therapist” in the menu at the top of the screen ( You will have the option to search for a therapist in a number of different ways: by clicking on a US state or Canadian province; by entering a country, state, city or zip code; by selecting “Find Nearby”; and through Provider Name, Clinic Name or Credentials. If you select an option that provides you with a map, toggle the map if needed to find providers – the list of providers directly corresponds to what is viewable on the map.

How do I get connected with an MFR provider?

If you are on the list of providers from your search, click the green “Contact” button to the right of the provider’s name.

If you are in the provider’s profile, then scroll down to their contact information and either click on “Show phone” to call them or “Contact now” to email them. If you choose either of the contact options, fill out your information in the pop up window and the provider will receive an email and get back to you soon. You can also access a provider’s website and phone number by clicking on their associated clinic.

How do I reschedule my appointment with the provider?

Individual providers have their own scheduling systems. Please reach out to the provider directly to change your appointment.

How do I contact customer support for the directory?

Click on “Contact Us” in the menu at the top of the screen ( and scroll down to fill out the contact form, email us at, or call us at 720-436-2330.

What conditions are treated by Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release successfully treats and helps patients find resolution of complex problems that have failed to respond to conventional medications, surgery, and therapeutic treatments. See all the conditions treated using myofascial release.

Finding the right therapist

Each therapist expresses their art differently, however all are trained on the scientific research and practice of John F. Barnes, founder of the Myofascial Release practice. All MFR trained therapists are dedicated to the comprehensive delivery of the highest quality care utilizing a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach for lasting results. Our therapists evaluate and treat each patient as a unique individual. They will treat the cause of the problem to eliminate the symptoms, in order to make permanent structural changes to help you return to a pain, free, active lifestyle.

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This site was developed by Dr. Mark Barnes to help people find the best MFR therapist for their unique needs. We provide an easy way to search for MFR trained therapists, free of cost, and without the frustration of popups and advertisements.

This site lists only therapists trained on the John F. Barnes technique, giving you, the patient, assurance that you are being treated by the best set of therapists who continually maintain their education in Myofascial Release.