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Julie LeighJulie LeighJulie Leigh

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Issaquah Myofascial Release

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Julie LeighJulie LeighJulie Leigh

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

It's an exciting time to be a part of the Myofascial Release network. Science is finally catching up with John Barnes' theories & providing evidence that supports the results of Myofascial Release treatment. My hope for the future is that this paradigm shift will help empower each person to see the interconnectedness of their bodies and use the innate power we are given to prevent future dis-ease.

John Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release is the most authentic form of treatment for the whole person. I have personally experienced the benefits of Myofascial Release (as a patient myself), and I will gratefully share it with you. I am glad that you found me. Tell me your story. I am here to listen and restore your hope in your journey. With your help, I can teach you how you can regain lost function and reestablish your body’s natural ability to heal.

Julie Leigh, OTR/L

Julie Leigh

Expert MFR Practitioner    

Julie Leigh, OTR/L, is a registered & licensed occupational therapist, expert level MFR therapist and owner of Issaquah Myofascial Release.  Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest, Julie was the co-founding director & co-owner of Memphis Myofascial Release, LLC (2011-2019).

Born and raised in the Midwest (St. Louis, Missouri), Julie moved to the MidSouth (Memphis, Tennessee), for work upon graduating from college. She has worked with a diverse population of clients and settings throughout the first 19 years of her career ranging from home health, developmental centers, school systems, intermediate and long-term care facilities & private practice out-patient [MFR] clinics. During her years as a Myofascial Release therapist she has worked directly with patients with severe to profound mental retardation & developmentally delay, autism spectrum; as well as recreational, elite and professional athletes; and everyone in-between.

Julie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2000.  She was first introduced to John F. Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release in 2004 and knew instantly that Myofascial Release would be the beginning of a new career focal point. She has since chosen MFR as her primary therapeutic modality due to the consistent, dramatic, and permanent results of treatment.

~Julie continues to advance her personal & professional growth by repeating several Myofascial Release Seminars with John Barnes annually. Additionally, she assists John and his staff at various Myofascial Release seminars throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Our Locations
98 NE Gilman Blvd, Suite 206
Issaquah, WA  98027
Office Phone: 425.654.2562
Directions: Turn into XXX Root Beer Drive In. (Suite 206 is behind the restaurant and faces the Virginia Mason Medical Clinic & Tiger Mountain.)