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Jennifer Reynolds, PT, LMT, CPC

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Unstuck MFR & Coaching

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Jennifer Reynolds, PT, LMT, CPC

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Jennifer sees each client as unique! She begins each session by listening to your concerns, then evaluating your posture and movement looking for areas of restriction in your body. She uses treatment techniques that are specific for your needs applying a variety of pressure, stretching and movement to release restrictions in the tissue that cause pain, pressure, and dysfunction getting you back to doing what you love!

Jennifer Reynolds, PT, LMT, CPC

Expert, Myofascial Release Therapist    
Myofascial Release Therapist

I began my study of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release in 1996. After that first seminar, I knew that I wanted to continue taking courses becoming certified at the highest level because this work just makes so much sense! For instance, we are a whole system, not just body parts. Obvious right? Then why do we continue to treat body parts instead of the whole being?!

My personal story:

For a few years, I suffered with chronic headaches relying on Ibuprofen daily to help me cope with the pain. Although, it was early in my studies of myofascial release, I was getting great results with my patients. I decided it was my turn to get treated and hoped it would work. After several sessions of myofascial release, I’m happy to report that my chronic headaches and dependency on medication were cured! And by the way, my therapist didn’t just treat my head ;)  

I've continued to get treated over the years for the various pains and injuries that have come up and consistently get treatment on a monthly basis for "maintenance". MFR is my lifeline to rid my body of tightness and tension whether it be from a physical, mental, or emotional cause.

I'm also a certified professional coach and can help you navigate your thoughts and what might be holding you back from the life you want!

Call/text/email me today to discuss your concerns and how we can work together to help you feel better in your body!


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