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Tina Serocke

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Intuitive Body Therapeutics

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Tina Serocke

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Specializing in Myofascial Release Therapy for pain relief and wellness.

Tina Serocke

Expert MFR Practitioner, OTR,L    

Tina's philosophy is to incorporate whole body treatments into her practice that allow her to apply both her science background as an Occupational Therapist, as well as her intuition, to guide clients through their recovery. While specializing in hand and upper extremity conditions, it became apparent that focusing on one body part was only successful with a certain percentage of clients.

Tina has evolved her clinical practice to focus on the whole person and to educate each of her clients on their condition so that they may take an active and meaningful role in their own health and recovery. Therefore, as she assesses the whole person and individualizes treatment, she draws from a variety of skills. These include the treatment approach of John Barnes Myofascial Release therapy along with postural re-education, customized home exercise programs, ergonomics, and pain reduction strategies. Giving clients the tools to maintain the benefits achieved in therapy is also an integral part of Tina's treatment philosophy.

Years of accumulated injuries, traumas, and surgeries had taken a toll on her body and the tissues in the body had become tight and stiff and very painful. This daily intense pain and stiffness resulted in decreased participation in exercise, socializing, hobbies, and enjoying life. Discovering John Barnes' Myofascial Release has released the tightened structures in her body and has returned motion of her joints, balance, along with enjoyment of every day life and activities. Tina chooses to bring this highly effective approach to each and every person empowering clients along their transformative healing journey.


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