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Susan O'Carroll

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


Connections Physical Therapy, LLC

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Susan O'Carroll

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Susan O'Carroll

Advanced MFR Practitioner    

My name is Susan O'Carroll. I am a licensed physical therapist who graduated from Northeastern University with of Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1991. I have been living and working in Wilmington since 2004.

I started my own cash pay/out of network practice to allow me to offer my patients the best treatments available (which address the whole body) without being limited by insurance and time restrictions.


My treatment approach emphasizes patient education,  a variety of manual therapy techniques (with an emphasis on Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation to address restrictions throughout the body and encourage the body to heal itself), and individualized home exercise program instruction to address muscle imbalances and improve posture and function.


I work with patients with a variety of health issues and offer wellness treatments for those who want to optimize their health and mobility and prevent future issues.  I have a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction and enjoy incorporating my training into treating pelvic pain, incontinence, and other related orthopedic issues such as low back and hip pain.


 I believe that Myofascial Release is essential to optimizing health and am committed to my own self treatment program, ongoing training, and sharing my skills and knowledge with others.


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219 Racine Drive, Suite C
Wilmington, NC  28403
Office Phone: 9105248499