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Advanced Myofascial Healing Arts Center

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We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Linda Chatburn

Expert Linda Chatburn, LMT, PTA. Expert JFBMFRtm Practioner 20 years experience    

27 years in the world of physical therapy being supervised by many talented and specialized Physical Therapists. I was fortunate to learn all of their specialized training to allow me to treat their patients with efficacy and to achieve their desired results.

My grandmother was a physical therapist and I knew the way she treated patients was different than what I learned in school and was practicing as a new graduate. In 1994 I attended my first

John F. Barnes, PT. MFR I course. Within the first four hours I knew this was the missing link in my own practice as a PTA and more in the line of what I remembered watching Grandma do with her patients.

In 2003 after years of taking more MFR courses from John and his instructors. After years of having patients asking me to do more of the stuff the other therapists don't do. I decided that in truth, MFR is the missing link in todays physical and massage therapy. I graduated massage therapy school and have been practicing MFR in my own clinic for 11 years now. Love that healing feeling.

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