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Renie AllenRenie AllenRenie Allen

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.


StillPoint Myofascial Release

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Renie AllenRenie AllenRenie Allen

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us a message.

Renie Allen

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We all have a story.  
There is usually some physical or emotional pain that has an underlying current engrained in our Story.
Stillpoint Myofascial Release is part of my Story.  It was founded and created with Healing as the Foundation. 
It has roots based in my own healing.  And also, roots of healing by others who are courageously participating in their own healing journey.

The Fascial System is a necessary component of Healing. In my experience, it has been THE component necessary to heal.  Until we heal from wounds old or new, chronic or acute, mental or physical, spiritual or emotional... we don't really LIVE. Myofascial Release is the therapeutic art that reaches far into the body to release these wounds from our system. It is a technique that taps into individual healing power far beyond the traditional (failing) healthcare model.

Our Body demands we FEEL. A simple concept that is ironically lost on many of us. Myofascial Release allows for an increase in body awareness, through sensation. It allows us to feel in a way many of us have never felt before. It is an experiential modality; based on felt-sense and sensation. Once your body begins to understand the language of MFR, Your Story takes on a new meaning. It is within that new meaning, we are able to let it go.... and heal.

Are you ready to become acquainted with the 3 dimensional, uninterrupted web of Connective Tissue that is the environment of EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body? It is nothing less than Fascinating!!

Renie Allen, LMT, Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner
Owner- StillPoint Myofascial Release
Cumberland, Maine  (Greater Portland Area)



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Office Phone: 207-232-1737
Directions: You can find us in the Yurt located on this property!
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